What is Space Exploration to Me? A Dream of Planets Like Earth

Space Exploration: Extrasolar Moon
Exploration to other worlds like Earth has been a longstanding dream of mine. Here is a fictional moon to a known planet in the 82 Eridani system. Artwork: by Joaquim Filho (PD)

Civilization may not be mature enough yet for interstellar flight. Still too much corruption and too many wars because of it. While clever, perpetrating events like 9/11 and then blaming it on Muslims was not the most ethical thing to do. But when your entire life is wrapped around selfish concerns, this might have been the only way to achieve such greedy aims as the conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan. The conquest doesn’t have to be a permanent occupation. It only needs to flow power back to the ones who started the ball of murder rolling in the first place.

Heaven help sentient beings on other worlds if technology lets loose the dogs of greed and war from Earth. I wouldn’t wish that on any civilization out amongst the stars. Interstellar exploration by the likes of these thugs isn’t appealing.

Imagining Exploration by a Kinder, Gentler Humanity

But let’s imagine, for a minute, humanity consisting of individuals who are no longer self-concerned. Some prosper more greatly than others, because they have great talent, but they share their prosperity with those around them. Because they lack self-concern, they do it quietly, frequently anonymously. Those receiving the gifts accept them graciously and with gratitude. And all is well with the world. This is the peaceful kind of anarchy—not the mechanistic colony of thoughtless drones, but a loving community that values the other person more than one’s self.

I could see such a humanity reaching out to the stars and exploring for the sake of education and contributing to other civilizations that might be out there. No industrial-scale ravaging, here. Exploration would be pure bliss.

This type of humanity would be worthy of such gifts of interstellar flight.

I have dreamed of traveling to the stars since before Sputnik first went into orbit.

Several of my websites were created with this spirit of adventure in mind. Recently, I created a new video to celebrate the things in my life which led to these websites and a special software which helped me to visualize such exploration—Stars in the NeighborHood, 3D astronomy space software. If such software interests you, consider buying it now. Your purchase helps support more blogs, videos and software improvements.


Let me know what you think. Really. I’m always open to improvements. And I don’t mind a little appreciation, either.

This article was originally published 2015:0522 on And-the-Pursuit-of-Happiness.com.

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